Christianity and Ecological Theology

Resources for Further Research

Written by Ernst Conradie

From the book cover: The aim of this volume is not to repeat what has already been discussed elsewhere. Instead, the aim is to provide resources and a sense of direction for postgraduate research in the field of Christianity and ecological theology. Three such resources are offered here, namely 1) A “guide for further research”, 2) A bibliography with more than 5000 entries of texts with an explicitly focus on Christianity and ecological theology which have been published in Afrikaans, Dutch, English and German, and 3) An index to the entries in the bibliography which provides an overview of the wide range of topics that have been discussed in the literature thus far. The aim of the guide for further research is to offer a brief orientation and a critical review of the literature, to provide a “map” to organize various aspects of the debates, to reflect on the relevance of these debates in the South African context, and more, specifically, to stimulate, facilitate and direct further research in the field of Christianity and ecological theology.

Ernst M. Conradie is an Associate Professor in the Department of Religion and Theology at the University of the Western Cape where he teaches Systematic Theology and Ethics. He is the author of the following recent monographs in the field of ecological theology: Hope for the Earth: Vistas on a new Century (UWC, 2000 / Wipf & Stock 2005), An Ecological Christian Anthropology: At Home on Earth? (Ashgate, 2005), and Waar op dees aarde vind mens God? Op soek na’n aardse spiritualiteit (Lux Verbi.BM, 2006).