New House Rules: Christianity, Economics, and Planetary Living

Daedalus Journal Special Issue Religion and Ecology:
Can the Climate Change?

Sallie McFague

Is the environment a religious issue? Many do not think so. For most Americans, the problems with our deteriorating planet can be fixed by science, managed with new technology.1 Let us hope that this is so, that science and technology can solve the looming environmental crisis. But it may not be that simple. Lynn White’s oft-quoted 1967 essay laid the blame for environmental deterioration at the feet of religion, specifically Christianity.2 If Christianity has been capable of doing such immense damage, then surely the restoration of nature must also lie, at least in part, with Christianity. I believe it does, but also with other world religions as well as with education, government, economics—and science. The environmental crisis is a “planetary agenda,” involving all people, all areas of expertise—and all religions.

Buddhism and Ecology

Special Issue
Religion and Ecology: Can the Climate Change?
Vol. 130, No. 4
Fall 2001

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