The Sacred Universe

Earth, Spirituality, and Religion in the Twenty-first Century

Written by Thomas Berry and Edited by Mary Evelyn Tucker

This series of essays represents a powerful commentary on some of the key issues facing religions in the 21st century. Ranging from the enduring problem of human alienation to future forms of religious experience the book covers a wide spectrum of religious issues. Thomas Berry, a leading scholar of the world’s religions, reveals his immense erudition and sympathetic spirit. Composed over some four decades, the essays illustrate Berry’s early understanding of the need for interreligious dialogue and the study of other religions. In addition, Berry’s prophetic insight regarding the rampant destruction of Earth’s ecosystems and extinction of species is evident. These essays illustrate his passionate concern for the fate of Earth and of future generations. They are a timely and urgent call for the world’s religions to respond to this growing ecological crisis. His special insight into the need for a new story of universe and Earth emergence is one of his unique contributions to situating the role of the human in the 21st century.(via)

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Columbia University Press, September 2009
ISBN: 0231149522

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